FitFlik Resistance Bands

Designed to do various workouts and train the whole body muscle

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Take your strength training sessions to the next level

FitFlik Resistance Bands
  • 5 Color Levels

    ✔︎ Up to 150 LBS of resistance.

    ✔︎ Adapt easily for multiple fitness levels.

    ✔︎ Easy and fast setup.

  • Anti Slip Handles

    ✔︎ Doesn't absorb sweat.

    ✔︎ Strong with a better grip. 

    ✔︎ Conveyable.

  • Door Anchor

    ✔︎ Protect your door from scratches.

    ✔︎ A great alternative to machines.

    ✔︎ Soft liner.

  • Ankle straps

    ✔︎ Safe and Secure.

    ✔︎ Various Workouts.

    ✔︎ Adjustable.

FitFlik Resistance Bands

About Product

  • Suitable For Any Fitness Level

  • Great alternative to cable machines

  • Safe to use

  • Easy on joints & spine

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They’re not dumbbells so it's a different experience. The resistance gets harder as you go through the range of motion. I feel like it helped me build muscle and lose fat at the same time!

 Since the gyms closed I’ve decided to give these bands a try, and I'm happy to say they worked better than I expected.

Not only it'll help you stay in shape and build muscle wherever you are (at home, in the park, when you travel) but it's also lightweight and easy to carry around. 

I appreciate the well-rounded work out that I can get in a very short amount of time from the comfort of my home. I couldn’t appreciate the quality more!